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Gary Sill playing at iSGC
Gary Sill playing at iSGC

How to easily learn the E9th Nashville tuning on pedal steel

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Making the pedal steel E9th neck easier to play
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"The E9th instruction course arrived yesterday, I watched them for the first time last evening and I learned more in that play than from all the books I have.  You made it easy to follow, easy to understand in an uncomplicated way.  A great course Gary, Thank you."  (Roger C.)

This DVD is over 1 hour and 10 minutes of  high quality, detailed instructions filmed in high definition quality DVD footage.   This course helps you begin making the E9th. pedal steel a much easier instrument to learn. 

  Using time tested methods to better approach playing simple melodies and playing backup to CD's and doing it live with rhythm accompaniment.

 This is a how to video on how to find and play melody and backup in any key.  Also, how to block your notes, how to wear your picks, hold your bar, and get better tone.   Why fight  many unanswered questions when this video will cover most of what you need to sound much better and enjoy your steel guitar after you spent money on your instrument.    You will sound better to yourself and others will see hear the difference.

Learn the right notes to play when the band is playing the C chord, F chord or G chord or any other chord or key combination.

You will be in control and be more confident in your playing.  Even if you have been playing for awhile and you feel you need a fresh start, this may be your answer.

I have played over 40 years and I feel that this method will be a satisfying experience to improve your sound, tone and exactness in many areas of your playing.

This DVD course is for the beginning steel guitarist, not mid-level or experienced players. I go through what is needed for a new steeler to begin playing songs right away.  

We begin with learning the C scale and begin using that scale to play basic songs you will recognize.

 I also include some written material that goes with the DVD, plus a rhythm track CD so you can practice on your own,
I hope you begin the life long journey of learning E9th. pedal steel in a much easier, more 
meaningful way.  This is the way I play and the way I think when I play.

After spending many dollars on a pedal steel, you owe it to yourself to get started right and playing songs right away.  Both this DVD and the Tuning video will give you a track to go on and you will be playing in tune and learning faster than you ever thought possible.

Here is an outline and the subjects covered in this DVD course.

1.  Beginning of the DVD
2.  Parts of the steel guitar
3.  My approach to learning the steel
4.  The C Scale Diagram
5.  Intro to playing steel
6.  picks
7.  The left and right foot
8.  Basic theory of music
9.  Comparing the 6 string guitar to the pedal steel
10.Scale step theory
11.Fret positions for the C Chord
12.F scale notes
13.C scale notes
14.The harmonized scale
15.Palm and pick blocking
16.Various grips and fret positions
17.Playing "Twinkle Twinkl Little Star"
18.The "Slow Blues in E"
19."A Country Song"
20.How much pressure on the strings
21.Minor chords
22.Am, Dm, and Em
23.Playing "It Is No Secret What God Can Do"
24.The things that add to your playing
25.The advanced C Scale
26. Tab to the 2--C Scales
27. Ending comment

Order now,  this DVD is available for immediate shipment.

Also, consider the Tuning video that I have listed in this online store.

Call if you have any questions.

Gary Sill 217-433-7455

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