Sill Music Supply, Inc. was formed by Gary and Denise Sill in 2011.  Gary has always loved music and has played several instruments for over 50 years.  Gary's favorite instruments are the pedal steel guitar, lap steel,  and the electric guitar.  He has even made several lap steels for customers.

Sill Music Supply opened as a result of making those lap steel guitars.  Gary soon realized that there was a need for steel guitar enthusiasts to purchase parts and accessories.  Since that time he has expanded greatly and has become a stocking dealer for Mullen Guitars,  a stocking dealer for Hilton volume pedals and other Hilton products, a stocking dealer for Peavey Electronics, and a stocking dealer for Peterson Tuners.

Sill Music Supply not only sells new pedal steel guitars, but also Peavey electric guitars and basses.  If it is not in stock, we can order it for you so do not hesitate to call us.

Amplifiers from Peavey include not only steel guitar amplifiers like the new Session 115 along with its extension cabinet and the Nashville 112, but also the small but powerful Trace Elliot Elf bass amplifier and speaker cabinets.  In addition to Hilton's numerous volume pedals (some made special for steel guitarists), Sill Music Supply also stocks the Trace Elliot pre-amp and effects pedal for bass and acoustic guitars which also include a built-in tuner.  The Elf is an extremely small amplifier so be sure and check it out, why not for steel guitar.

In addition, Sill Music Supply stocks many accessories including pedal steel guitar legs, and accompanying original quality sockets, picks, bars, fretboards, strings, tuners, phone and iPad holders, and much more.                       

If you are a beginning steel guitarist, Gary has written his own course on learning to play the E9th neck of a steel guitar.  He also had taught a courses at the St. Louis International Steel Guitar Convention with Peterson Electro Musical Products on how to use the Peterson Strobo Plus HD Tuner.  As a result, he was encouraged by Peterson to write another course on how to correctly tune both the E9th and C6th necks of a steel guitar along with their individual pedals and knee levers using that tuner.  Both of these courses are also available from Sill Music Supply.

Besides guitars, Gary also sells inexpensive orchestra instruments like violins. Sizes range from a half to full violin and come in various colors.   Most of these can be purchased for less than a rental for new students.  One of the major advantages is one can then sell the original violin allowing them to have some money to move up in size and quality as times goes on.

Sill Music Supply is located in Mt. Zion, Illinois but we have sold and shipped steel guitars, other instruments and accessories all over the world.  Gary would be glad to help you with any of your needs.  You can either email him at: [email protected] or call him direct at 217-433-7455.  He would be glad to answer any questions you may have and/or take your order direct.

Gary operates his own recording studio using the state of the Pro Tools system on a current Apple iMac computer.  Gary is currently recording an album on CD.  If you have interest in hearing some clips from the upcoming album, please personally contact Gary.

We take pride in first of all having only quality products and representing the best companies in steel guitar.  Integrity, honesty and excellent pricing is the pillars of Sill Music Supply