Ever wondered what is the most accepted way to tune an E9th pedal steel? This article explores which method will get the most accepted successful result.To tune an E9th neck on your pedal steel is a very simple straight forward process. Peterson has a new tuner that makes it very simple. The Strobo Plus HD tuner makes tuning very simple. Use the tuner in the SE9 mode and that is the Jeff Newman tuning that came out many years ago and stands as the industry standard. Simply, because it gives you results that works well with a pedal steel. Yes, there are other methods, but it is hard to defy the long term success and acceptance of using the Peterson tuner and the Newman settings. I outline the detailed, step by step, tuning of the open strings then pedalsl A,B, and C, followed by the standard 5 knee levers. In my DVD video you can clearly see how it is done and that should remain with you for years to come. Then you will be known as the steel player that plays in tune. There are many steel players that invent their own tunings and they believe they are right on, but for the normal person playing with a band, this is where it all starts in learning how to get the pedal steel in tune so you are not sour when playing with other instruments. The pedal steel generally does not work well tuning with an inexpensive tuner with lights and no cents or hertz readings. The Jeff Newman sight has the generally accepted settings off the 440 mark and of course all those settings are built in the Peterson Strobo Plus HD tuner. So, do yourself and all those listening to you play and get a Peterson off this website. Simply go to the Peterson Tuner category and you will find the tuner there for purchase. Purchase price is $119.99 Also, my DVD may be purchased in a separate category for $34.99 Learn to be in tune for the rest of your life.
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