Many people want to get involved in music, from parents of young children to adult learners. Most hesitate because they are unsure of the benefits of music instruction. There are many benefits to starting music lessons, whether you are 2 or 82. The top five benefits of music lessons may surprise you.

Better School Performance

Students who start music lessons at a young age have been shown to earn higher grades throughout their academic career. Instrumental music strengthens math skills, which can help them in school. In addition, learning to play an instrument requires discipline and practice, traits that will help them master difficult subjects in school.

Greater Sense of Achievement

Mastering a difficult concept in music fosters a sense of achievement. This ongoing achievement encourages healthy self esteem. Your child will learn to enjoy intrinsic rewards---those tied to internal satisfaction for his efforts. When they can demonstrate their talents for others, they learn that accomplishment and encouragement is a natural mood booster.

A Community of Musicians

It can be a challenge to make new social connections as an adult, and many feel lonely and disconnected. Joining a community as a musician will connect you to people who share your interests and help you to secure lifelong friendships. People of any age can take music lessons, and playing music can help you to grow closer to a partner or friend.

Instant Stress Relief

Music has been known to boost mood and increase the amount of endorphins in the body. Endorphins, or the happy chemical, help us to reduce stress and feel positive feelings. The same chemicals that the body releases after a workout or a run are released when you play and listen to live music. Taking music lessons can stave off depression, lower your heart rate and improve your overall health.

Children Learn Cooperation and Teamwork

Taking music lessons can help your school aged child to learn the value of teamwork. In the band or orchestra, each instrument comes together to create the sound. The violin section works together with the clarinets, while the drums and the guitars work in harmony to create a musical masterpiece. By taking music lessons, your child will learn the value of cooperation which will carry them through life.

Taking music lessons is a great way to not only learn to play, but to learn about life. Music lessons can open up a world of new connections, community and friends. Most children start music lessons around the time they start school, although some start as young as three. There is no age limit to learning to play an instrument, and many seniors are finding joy in taking music lessons.

Expand your horizons with music lessons today.

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