Peterson tuners are the most complete and functional tuners on the music market today. They are designed to show you more than just whether you are sharp or flat. The oscillators in the most advanced of Peterson tuners can show you the true frequency of every overtone in each note that you play. This gives you even more insight into what you're playing, and this is just the beginning.

Peterson tuners are extremely sensitive, and that makes them perfect or classroom use. You will find that you can have the tuner running in a room filled with kids who are warming up and any kid can come up to the tuner and tune themselves easily because the tuner can easily pick them up without being overwhelmed by the other sounds in the room.

The tuners are also perfect foils for intonation charts. Anyone who is planning on taking down an intonation chart for their instrument can go much deeper than whether a note is relatively sharp or flat on their instrument. The oscillators on the unit allow you to see where all the overtones in the note are. There are cases where you are not using a firm enough embouchure. That means the low overtones will be overactive, and the tuner shows you this. If you are using an embouchure or aperture that is far too firm, you will see that the high overtones will be out of control. You can go so far as to stand in front of the tuner and play the note, adjusting your embouchure, until you get the note to settle down at every level of resonance.

When you are planning on setting a home studio that requires advanced tuning devices for musicians who use electronic equipment, Peterson tuners are excellent because guitarists and bassists can plug directly into the tuner and tune to such a high level of accuracy that they will never sound better than when they are in your studio. You want your clients to have the best equipment when they come to see you, and Peterson offers many of them a tuning experience that they may not have had before. It's the perfect way to help them sound their best.

Peterson tuners can serve any musician who needs to check the intonation on their instrument, but the tuner does more than offer a simple check of a note or two. Peterson tuners offer far more information than any other tuner on the market. Despite their size and cost, you get precisely what you paid for. You get the most sensitive and accurate tuner on the market. It offers the most educational information, and that same tuner serves a large group or the individual equally well.

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