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The Elf amplifier by Trace Elliot
The Elf amplifier by Trace Elliot

Small lightweight Trace Elliot amplifier call "The Elf"

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This is a light-weight 200 watt amplifier for bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and yes even steel guitar. This amplifier will fit right in your back pocket, weighs nearly nothing. With the speaker cabinets by Trace Elliot and using one of the 2 pedals to add effects---one pedal is designed for bass guitar and the other may be used with acoustic or steel guitar. Check out the 2 different speaker cabinet choices for use with this amplifier for another light weight speaker combination size is 6.75 " wide 4.1" depth 1.35" high weighs 1.9 pounds 200 watts continuous power into 4 ohms or 130 watts into 8 ohms 3 band rotary equalizer 1/4" headphone output Call Gary for further questions at 217-433-7455 Trace Elliot gear is a company owned by Peavey Electronics

You may go to this link on You Tube to see a video of using a pedal steel guitar with the Trace Elliott amplifier.  It sounds great with this amplifier.


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