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Petersen Strobo Stomp HD

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Your Price: $139.00
Tune your guitar or pedal steel easily with this tuner
Part Number: PetersonStroboStompHD
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In stock!

Price of $139. I do have a wall plug for this tuner to power it continuously from AC That unit is an additional $19.95 Works great.  One thing, this tuner is very sturdy made with metal would you believe. Can be a stomp box tuner or I am working on a bracket to attach to the leg of a lap or pedal steel.   This will set you up and get your steel or your Tele or your Les Paul sounding so much better.

The tuner has many preset temperaments for guitar and steel guitar-- E9th. and C6th, can also double as a direct input box with preamp for recording.

This tuner is made of metal and very sturdy.  

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