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Peavey Powerslide in burgundy

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A revolutionary way to play slide guitar
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A burgundy Powerslide is not a traditional lap steel or a resonator, and it's not a conventional steel guitar. This instrument is in response to the hug number of requests Peavey has gotten for a lap-type steel guitar that could be played standing up. The shape of the Powerslide is designed to position the playing surface (fingerboard) to the left of the player's body, allowing total access to the playing surface. The unique four-point suspension and the special "Y" strap enable the Powerslide to be played either horizontally or vertical-and almost anywhere between. This is a revolutionary next-generation slide instrument, ergonomically designed for maximum playability; Patented multipoint strap system allows for multiple vertical and horizontal playing styles; Unique magnet-loaded pickup with patented variable-coil mode control; Radicals patented design provides unprecedented neck access in vertical playing position; ships with .013 - .056 nickel wound strings; Specially designed "Y" strap included, padded bag included, and steel slide included. The finish on this instrument is very fine. You may adjust the tone and volume of the guitar with the 2 knobs.. You can go from a single coil sound to a hum bucking sound and anywhere in between. If you prefer to mount adjustable legs with the sockets and legs we also sell, it can be done as there is enough room to mount the sockets on the bottom of the guitar. The strings that come with it will permit you to tune the instrument to a C6 tunings. You will find the majority of learning material for lap steel is for the C6 tuning. It would be tuned from the thick strings to the thin strings----C,E,G,A,C,E We are an Authorized Peavey Dealer---this is a brand new lap steel direct from Peavey. It is available in Ivory, Black, and Burgundy finish Call Gary Sill at 217-433-7455 with any questions. In stock burgundy only. Black and Ivory colors can be ordered and shipped in a short period of time.

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