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New , Red,  Mullen Discovery with 3 floor pedals and 4 knees
Mullen Discovery pedal steel with 3 floors and 4 knees

New , Red, Mullen Discovery with 3 floor pedals and 4 knees

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Mullen Single Coil pickup, hardshell case--all set up for you
Part Number: RedDiscovery
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 This beautiful red steel is all set up with a full amount of knees 4  and 3 floor pedals in the Nashville E9th. , Emmons setup.  Plays easy and stays in tune. Hardshell case, leg bag and Mullen manual and tuning wrench all included. This guitar is as solid as they come. Under the hood it is a Royal Precision mechanics. Trimmed down in size and weight for easy carrying around. Match this up with a new Peavey amplifier from us and a Hilton pedal, Scott's great cords, hand picked picks that I recommend and you will be making the sounds Nashville is known for. Get tuned up with my tuning video and a great Peterson tuner. I have a folding bench that I recommend so that you will be sitting the right height and in comfort. This steel really sounds great and I would not say that if it didn't. Push the buy button and you will never regret it at all! If your color is red, this has to be a winner for you! $2412.00 shipped in the USA. Overseas, just email me at: [email protected] I will get you an amount to add for shipping. We ship overseas with DHL Express---it's there fast and safe for you. DHL Express delivers in 2-3 days.

Here is some great feedback from one of our worldwide customer base:
"I did busincess with Gary at Sill Music Supply a few weeks ago, and he was great to deal with.  He stands behind everything he sells, great customer service.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy a steel from Gary"---Steve from LA.

$500 non-refundable deposit on all orders placed at the factory

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