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New Peterson Strobo Plus HD Tuner
Peterson Strobo Plus HD Tuner

New Peterson Strobo Plus HD Tuner

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  If you want some of the accessories, just order them  under the Peterson category.

Over 90 preset temperments to choose from:
You can custom do your own temperments also.

   This new Strobo Plus Peterson HD Tuner has an ever bigger screen to view your tuning status 3 1/4" diameter. Same color background as the Strobo Stomp Classic. Volume control up or down if you elect to hear the tempered note play. The tuner measures 4 1/4" wide and 5 1/4" high and 1 3/8" deep. In Stock, we also have an A/C wall plug for $19.95. It has a rechargeable battery in the tuner that is charged by a usb off your computer or printer. If you want to access powering the unit by 110 volts a/c, get our charger. Call for info on that. 217-433-7455

The tuner has the normal buttons, Mode, Man/Auto(tap tempo), Start, and Preset store. It will hold custom tempered tunings. It features an in and out jack like previous models, rechargeable lithiumn ion battery. With a software upgrade it can become a metronome/tuner also. We will carry the optional A/C wall charger. It charges off a USB plug in right off your computer or printer. Up to 4 octaves included in the tuning process.

Look in our listings here for the pedal steel leg attachment to hold your tuner and it swivels also.

We also have a wall plug where you can power the tuner direct from the wall.  See the listing here.

We also have in stock the leg holder, adapter that holds the new tuner in place off one of your steel guitar legs.  I have a listing for that in stock item.

 I  have the wall plug charger and the bracket to mount on a steel guitar leg in stock for this tuner.  See the listing under Peterson Tuners.

This tuner has great reviews and I personally use the tuner.  You will lover it!

Remember, we take Paypal which means that it is convenient for overseas buyers to email me and get the shipping to your destination overseas.

Please email me at:  [email protected]
if you need more information

I can get you a quote and send you a Paypal invoice if you are overseas.

Overseas, please email me at:  [email protected]

for shipping cost.

  Questions, please call 217-433-7455 Thanks, Gary Sill

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