Everyone has his or her own idea of what makes a terrific guitar pedal. Hilton Pedals seems to know that quite well, and they make some of the best pedals in the business today. Their Pro Guitar Pedals feature a host of benefits players just won’t find with other supposedly similar items on the market. Let’s look at just a few of the biggest benefits players can enjoy with their Hilton Pro Pedals.

Benefit #1 – Adjust the Stiffness

Different players like to have a different level of stiffness to their pedals so they can have more control whether they are on stage or playing in the garage. Many pedals do not allow owners to adjust the stiffness levels, but Hilton is different in that respect. Players can easily change the friction with an Allen wrench. This makes it easy to get the “feel” the player needs.

Benefit #2 – Easy to Use with Pedal Boards

The Hilton Pro Guitar Pedals work great with boards thanks to a number of different features. For example, they have “in” on the right side and “out” on the left. It might seem like a simple thing, but it really does make it much easier to hook up to a pedal board. You can even use the pedal without the need for a power supply, since you can hook it right up to your pedal board. Of course, when you order Hilton Pedals, they all come with a power supply anyway.

Benefit #3 – Easy Dedicated Tuning

The pedal comes with a dedicated tuner output, which is another feature sorely lacking in so many other pedals on the shelves today. Though some other options might have the dedicated tuner output, they may not have the same cachet Hilton does as a company.

Other Pedals Available

Hilton’s Pro Guitar Pedals really are a great choice for many guitarists, particularly performers who are standing thanks to the pedal’s regular profile design. It can work with or without a pedal board, and it features great dynamic response. However, it is not the only Hilton Pedal available. They have other options and styles that could be just as good for other types of instruments out there. The standard pedal and low profile pedal all have a lot to offer for different players. Hilton also creates pedal bar mounts for their pedals and they offer additional power supplies in case players lose the ones they have.
All of the pedals from Hilton have the same standard for quality, but they do not all share the same features. The Pro model has more options and different features, naturally. Guitar players should look at the different choices and see which one would suit his or her particular style and needs the best.  There is a pedal for lap steel and pedal steel guitar players as well as keyboard players, and most electrified instruments.

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