There are many different kinds of guitar, but one of the biggest decisions that a guitar player has to make when buying a new guitar is whether it should be electric or acoustic. While acoustic guitars have their own benefits, electric guitars may be the better choice.

Volume Control

Mastering the guitar requires a lot of time and patience, but practicing in public or at home can bother others. With an electric guitar, the sound can be turned down to avoid disturbing others. Guitar players can also turn off the amplifier completely and practice while not amplified. It may not sound exactly the same, but musicians can still practice hand position, chords and much more without the amplifier.

In addition, electric guitar also allows musicians to turn up the volume and enjoy the unique sounds of the electric guitar as it blares through their practice sessions. This also makes it easier for guitar players to create impromptu shows for the public.

Easier to Learn On

The strings on an electric guitar are thinner and easier to push down and pluck than acoustic guitar strings. The neck of the guitar is also thinner, allowing musicians to easily wrap their hands around the neck and get better finger positioning. The overall setup of electric guitars also seem to be more user-friendly than acoustic guitars.

Sound Quality

Both acoustic and electric guitars each have their own unique sound to them. Which sound is preferable is completely up to the musician. However, electric guitars tend to have clearer and crisper sound quality than acoustic guitars. Through the use of technology, electric guitars can deliver loud and clear sound through good amps. Even the slightest pluck of the strings emanates through the amplifier to create beautiful sound. A musician can get crisp and clear sound from an acoustic guitar as well, but the thicker and harder strings tend to make it very difficult to maintain such high sound quality.


Anyone can easily tell an acoustic guitar apart from an electric guitar. They obviously have very different styles, but electric guitars seem to have more variety in their designs. Acoustic guitars generally come in one style and color. Whole racks of acoustic guitars in music shops are likely covered in similar styles and the same wooden tan color. Other colors and some other styles are available, but electric guitars seem to each have their own personality. In contrast to acoustic guitars, whole racks of electric guitars in music shops can be made up of nothing but unique guitars.

An aspiring musician can buy a very simple guitar to start out on, a guitar that reflects the user's personality and style, an incredibly stylish guitar to impress the audience at a concert or just a very practical guitar for their needs. No matter the personality or style of the musician, there is likely an electric guitar out there that mirrors that style and personality perfectly.

An electric guitar can be the perfect fit for anyone from beginners to experts. As long as the user's heart and soul is being put into the guitar, there's really no wrong option when choosing a guitar.

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