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Gary Sill playing a custom lacquer Mullen G2
Gary Sill playing a custom lacquer Mullen G2

A custom ordered Mullen Steel can be yours

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Your Price: $500.00
This is a custom lacquer--polyester finish harder than lacquer, beautiful
Part Number: CustomOrderMullenLacquer-2
Availability: In Stock
Put down $500 on a new custom Mullen Pedal Steel plus ground ups shipping in the US and include FREE my 2 courses valued at $44 and $44.   Call me after you place this special order. 217-433-7455 Call me and I can get your specs you are wanting and copedent.    Please call me and I will get you an approximate delivery time on your custom pedal steel from Mullen.

Keep in mind don't misunderstand, this is a $500  non-refundable  downpayment on a custom made guitar. Always best to call me to get the total amount you owe for this steel.  I can put your order in after we discuss what you are wanting.  Delivery time varies.

Delivery times have come down and so I can get you a guitar sooner than you might think. Approximately 8-12 weeks to ship.  Maybe less or more, depends when you order.  Best is always to call me at first.  I am here to help you!

Call me first is best!

 I am here to help you make the guitar buy of a lifetime. Deliveries are lessening in time frame, call me to discuss. FREE SHIPPING in the USA . Gary Sill 217-433-7455 email: [email protected]

Overseas orders, email me your complete address so you know what the DHL Express freight will be to your destination.

email me at:  [email protected]

We offer a good discount if you order a new Mullen steel and a new Peavey steel amp.
Call Gary at 217-433-7455

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