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Gary Sill playing a custom lacquer Mullen G2
Gary Sill playing a custom lacquer Mullen G2

A custom ordered Mullen D10 G2 or Royal Precision or Discovery can be yours

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Your Price: $500.00
This is a custom lacquer--poly finish harder than lacquer, beautiful
Part Number: CustomOrderMullen
Availability: In Stock
Call me and I can get a quote on this exact model or any variation you want. This steel has 8 floors and 8 knees, Custom setup, polished wide knees, 705 pickups, and can be setup the way you want. Different pickup choice?   Just giving you an example of the fine craftsmanship at Mullen Guitar Company. Please call me and I will get you an approximate delivery time on a custom lacquer G2 or any other custom Mullen you can come up with.

$500 down starts an order from Mullen right here.  I am authorized stocking dealer for Mullen Guitar Co.
If you wish to start your order 7 days a week 24 hours a day, just simply make the $500 deposit and I will call you to get all the details from you and we will explain our special free gift to you to help make more steel players in the world.  If overseas it is best if you provide your email and I will write you with some basic choices and options on a particular new Mullen that you want.

Delivery times have come down and so I can get you a guitar sooner than you might think.

 I am here to help you make the guitar buy of a lifetime. Deliveries are lessening in time frame, call me to discuss. 
217-433-7455 email: [email protected]

$500 non-refundable deposit on all orders placed through my dealership.  We will follow up with getting the details on EXACTLY what you want to order.  WE have 53 years of steel guitar experience, please let us assist.

Choose from the following models:
Mullen Discovery 10 string
Mullen SD 10 or D10 Royal Precision
Mullen Narrow Single neck G2
Mullen Double 10 G2

Bruce M. from Richland, WA
"Well Gary, I've owned a lot of instruments over six decades but without a doubt this Mullen is the most meticulously contracted instrument I have had.  Thanks for all the help during the purchase.  If I can send a potential customer I will.  I'm going to tune'er up and go!!   It's worth every dollar!

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